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Scanning Services

If your project requires capturing high quality images from hardcopy sources, consider our custom scanning services. EasyMaps has scanned millions of documents for over 5,000 different customers since 1999. Our staff is knowledgeable in multiple disciplines, so we understand what your needs are, what the intended use of the documents are, and the advantages and limitations of the software applications that the data will be pulled into

Digitizing Services

EasyMaps specializes in the conversion of maps into fully editable vector files. The result is a file separated into layers (i.e. contours, transportation, hydrography, and public land survey information  etc.). The contours are assigned elevation values, and projected precisely to your specifications. If the map needs to be integrated with existing data, the data is rubbersheeted to control points.

File to File Translation

When you require assistance integrating existing data into your project EasyMaps can help you. Our Consultants have worked with the conversion of many different file formats and have integrated those formats into tangible workflows designed specifically for our clients.

Digitizing Services- Raster to Vector Conversions

Overview- CAD & GIS Digitizing

EasyMaps creates drawings for virtually any CAD or GIS package. On-screen digitization is the conversion of drawings, maps, plans, etc., into a file that is ready for use in CAD or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software systems. The effect is a file separated into layers with standard, recognizable entities (such as walls, windows, roads, rivers, etc.). This allows for features to be changed, copied, or deleted with no effort required by the client to prepare it.

Map scanning and Digitizing


  • Map Vectorization 
  • Base Map Digitizing 
  • Shot Point Map Digitizing 
  • Contour Map Digitizing 
  • Seismic Section Vectorization 
  • CAD/GIS/Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry-LiDAR- Orthophoto 

Georeferencing Services

If the maps are not georeferenced, no “intelligent” information can be displayed or positioned on the map. Depending on the source materials and the specifications of the project, maps can be registered to either a coordinate system, or to another base map such as a digital orthophoto.

Examples of File Formats








MapInfo .TAB


MicroStation .DGN

MapInfo .MIF/.MID

Drawing Exchange File .DXF